IEO, ICO, STO platforms development

IEO, ICO, STO platforms development

IEO, ICO, STO platforms development

Since Bitcoin, thousands of breathtaking innovations came up to disrupt the technology sector. The transaction fee on the Stellar network is considerably small when compared to that on the Ethereum network. An approximation states that for the fee to total 1 XLM, it would have to contain 100,000 transactions. This is because there are no fees are required to be paid to third party exchanges for transactions. This is only a fraction of the fees we usually pay on Ethereum network , around 0.01%. To answer this question, developcoins going to suggest a few platforms that are the best suitable ones to develop ICO and STO.

Security Token Offering: Benefits To Markets, Issuers, And Investors. Fintech and Tokenization – Benzinga

Security Token Offering: Benefits To Markets, Issuers, And Investors. Fintech and Tokenization.

Posted: Tue, 08 Mar 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

An IEO, aka Initial Exchange Offering, is another type of fundraising that is managed by an exchange platform, unlike ICOs that are fully managed by the internal project team. Here at Blaize, we’ve been dealing with different blockchain projects for over 5 years, working on their tech stack development and consulting on the best solutions for enhanced protocol security and demand. That’s why today, we’ll share some tips and hints on choosing the most suitable type of fundraising for your product and conducting a successful launch. A lack of regulation for utility tokens has meant that corporations raising capital can circumvent institutional finance alongside the prices and accountability concerned. Ethereum’s upcoming transition to proof-of-stake and its experimentation with sharding solutions shows that it’s not ready to give up its potential as an ICO platform just yet.

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Parallelly the wave of security tokens has just begun and most people are expecting a Tsunami of it soon. To develop an effective ICO and STO token development at affordable cost and launch in the market with a huge impact, approach us. Deposit funds to the trading account and, as soon as the IEO starts selling tokens, purchase the desired number of tokens on the exchange. Stellar is primarily a payment solution platform that also doubles up as an unsophisticated development solution.

Which blockchain platform is best suitable for ICO and STO

During this time, we’ve completed 70+ projects and deployed 400+ smart contracts. Our customers include Aurora, Solana, 1inch, Celo, Everstake, and many other world-known companies. NEO has been called “The Ethereum of China,” however, it’s not just a carbon copy of the popular platform Ethereum. NEO implements a digital identity infrastructure for identifying individuals and organizations. It also hosts digital assets, which NEO users can register, trade, and circulate. Digital identity means that physical assets can securely back digital assets.

Gather a reliable team

A Comparitive study of 2 most promising Blockchain platforms for launching security tokens or utility tokens. An Initial Coin Offering is a form of crowdfunding that allows startups to raise investment capital in the early stages of development. Companies raise funds through ICOs for funding from multiple sources simultaneously, selling digital tokens or “coins” to users instead of shares. The broad oversight from regulators has made STOs a not-so-convenient venture for token issuers.

Finally, as you have done all the preliminary work, it’s time to prepare for the launch. To boost the credibility of your project, show the core team members on the project website and in the Whitepaper. And don’t forget to include the links to their personal profiles on LinkedIn or Twitter.

The trick is to find the right advisors long before the launch of an ICO, IEO, or STO. This way, you will get the most out of their expertise and will be able to get valuable advice from the very first steps of your project. Based on the Blaize team experience and industry best practices, we have compiled a short guide on launching successful blockchain-based crowdfunding, regardless of the selected type of campaign. We hope that following these steps will make the whole process easier for you and your team.

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STO represents the ownership info about the invested product which has been recorded in the blockchain. When in the trading process is held in the STO platform, then the contract is recorded and stored in the blockchain as we all known and it’s issued in the form of crypt token. The average transaction processing time on Stellar is five seconds, compared to more than three minutes on Ethereum. Also, transaction costs on Stellar are just a fraction of the fees on Ethereum.

Security tokens are essentially digital, liquid contracts for fractions of any asset that already has value, like real estate, a car, or corporate stock. Using security tokens means investors can expect that their ownership stake is preserved on the blockchain ledger. They are both fundraising strategies the place capital is raised in return for a digital asset.

  • Investors may also be required to pass some regulatory checks in order to participate in fundraising.
  • The new blockchain protocol from Dispatch Labs hasn’t been released in production for the public yet.
  • Participating in an STO round may imply taking ownership of the company’s assets or other notable securities, for which a profit or dividend is paid out to the investors.
  • Building an experienced and trustworthy team is another essential step when launching an IEO, ICO, or STO.
  • We are a world-class fintech and cloud engineering team with a solid background of practice that combines consulting, strategy, design and engineering at scale.
  • This is particularly helpful if there are malevolent validators on the network or if the startup’s tokens represent some real world asset .

Description of the team behind the project, their relevant experience, and links to social media . Tokenomics, including token implementation, its interaction with the product, token distribution, etc. Ideally, you should find an advisor as soon as you build the concept of your project and begin working on details. For better performance and outcomes, it is highly recommended to hire experienced advisors to the team.

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Another major difference worth highlighting is the role of the issued tokens in both forms of the fundraiser. The digital assets being issued in an ICO typically represent a utility token that is central to the operations of a blockchain-based platform. The tokens could grant all accredited investors access to the protocol and its products or services. Tezos is one of the trending blockchain platforms now to create tokens and the main thing to know about tezos is, it is a self-evolving blockchain network.

Which blockchain platform is best suitable for ICO and STO

Qtum is particularly notable because its smart contracts and Dapps can be created, deployed, and altered on light nodes that don’t contain a complete copy of the blockchain network. STO – Well, when it’s coming to STO, it is also built in a blockchain platform and a token is issued to the stockholder which is a collateral one with the company asset to ensure the lender. This diverse using STO Tokens are highly developed in ERC1400 standard which belongs to the ethereum blockchain platform, that is because of its vast usage and well beneficial for STO users.


The allowance given to ICO based on the lack of regulation or related vetting makes it easy for anyone to float a project. While there are a number of successful ICOs, many of these unregulated token issuances turn out to be a scam. As pointed out earlier, most ICO token issuers sell out digital tokens as utility assets for accessing a part of the startup’s business. Ethereum is a Blockchain development platform, specifically designed for creating Smart Contracts and to supplement the creation of complex decentralized applications and blockchain platforms. It has since then remained synonymous with the terms like DApps development, the creation of custom tokens and paving the way for distributing tokens through Initial Coin Offerings .

Choosing the best suitable platform here will not be as simple as it was above as determining the best fund raising tool will be a more complex equation with multiple variables to solve. Thus, if you are looking to develop more complex applications , then Ethereum’s offerings are a very viable solution. When both the ICO and STO share some similar traits, it is hard to differ both yet it has some major difference among them to make each of them look unique in their own way, they are described below.

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Developcoins is the Ultimate ICO and STO development company, whose team of experts researched and provided high-end ICO/STO development solutions for start-ups in the market with creating a great impact in the business world. We highly recommend you maintain constant communication with your investors and create a community of project supporters at an early stage of project development. This way, it will be much easier to promote the product or new products of the ecosystem in the future. Choose the most suitable platforms for promoting your project depending on the type of fundraising and create a marketing strategy. Stellar’s proposed use cases for Dapps include Slack bots, quorum monitors, micro-savings accounts, and multi-signature transaction coordinators. Prominent Stellar Dapps include Ternio, a blockchain advertising framework; Smartlands, a platform for tokenizing real-world assets; and SureRemit, a remittance payment tool.

ICO – ICO tokens are developed in blockchain platforms which is transparent and decentralized, which builds hopes among the investors for their investment amount in business with strangers without any collateral. And among various blockchain development platform for ICO Token Development, ERC20 standard is preferred one and widely used for ICO. This Singapore-based project combines some of the most desirable elements of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

It is backed by law or the relevant securities provisions in the region where the startup is based. Due to this regulatory backing, investors get a level of protection for their investments. STOs on the other hand are fundraising methods that represent the tokenization of a company’s stock. Participating in an STO round may imply taking ownership of the company’s assets or other notable securities, for which a profit or dividend is paid out to the investors. The scope of the ICO and STO can be redefined by the issuing firm, albeit for the latter, all propositions must be backed by law. Thus, projects using ERC20 tokens need not worry about liquidity anytime soon.

Equity tokens are currently subject to regulation by the SEC and several other global regulators as they are treated as securities under the relevant legislation. These tokens are not actually created as an investment and therefore are not subject to any regulatory restrictions in countries where ICOs are allowed. On top of that, Stellar includes more security features such as multi-signature, batching/atomicy, and businesses can choose which nodes can validate their transactions. These increased security features are especially crucial for STOs, as the tokens represent real-world assets.

If you decide to have an IEO, you’ll have to contact various exchanges and choose the one that fits you best. In the case of an STO, the major part of the preparation will be connected with the legal area and the correct submission is sto cross platform of the product and your tokens. Like NEO, Qtum believes legacy organizations want to get involved with blockchain technologies, but Ethereum and Bitcoin alone aren’t stable or usable enough for mainstream adoption.

Therefore, developing ICO/STO in this blockchain will be an added vantage and its mathematical code correctness will be a great help while the trading process in the business sector among the investors and start-ups. IEO, which stands for “Initial Exchange Offering”, is a relatively new phenomenon in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. The main difference between ICO, which has been a common fundraising tool for blockchain projects for some time, and IEO is that the former plays a key role of crypto exchange in the whole process.

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