Compare The 15 Best Project Management Software Of 2022

Compare The 15 Best Project Management Software Of 2022

Compare The 15 Best Project Management Software Of 2022

There is nothing more telling when assessing a purchase choice than what other customers who have used it think. We chose project management software options that have earned at minimum 3.5-star ratings across their customer bases. Regardless of budget limitation, offers something for everyone. Even if you are working on a team of two with no budget, can help you get your project done on time and with limited risk.

  • For more info on making the transition, check out our step-by-step guide to Agile planning.
  • Offers project management software designed for onsite financial project management.
  • The building blocks of Hive are action cards, which exist inside of larger projects.
  • There are generally no rigid hierarchies that have to be followed in a start-up or small business.
  • Waterfall is the traditional, linear way of managing tasks, while agile tools like MeisterTask use a more flexible iterative approach.

It’s a comprehensive solution that provides total visibility and enables your entire organization to collaborate seamlessly. Any mvp meaning in relationship should cover the nuts and bolts, so it’s worth thinking about what unique features you might need. Put simply, a project management system could represent the entire process for a project, the technology tools used to complete the project, or in many cases, both.

Along with scope and time, costs also have to be properly managed as they are heavily dependent on each other. Tracking your project costs is necessary to stay within your budget. In Zoho Projects, you can compare your initial budget plan with what you’re actually spending to see where there’s a loss. Being able to survey your cost overruns is also a valuable feature in a project management software.

What Project Management Software Has the Best Special Features?

We tested more than 25 project management apps to find the best ones to help teams of all sizes to keep projects on track and deliver results. We find that our users enjoy better organization, smoother collaboration and improved communication with MeisterTask. Task management software helps you guide tasks effortlessly from to-do, to doing, to done.

These systems have specific features that make them suitable for managing different types of projects – whether they’re small, large or worldwide in scope. To truly benefit from a project management system you need to not only know how to use it but also be cautious when picking one for yourself. In this article, we look at some of the unique features of the best project management software systemsthat make project management effective.

TeamGantt is for beginners because it’s so easy and intuitive to use. If you don’t know anything about Gantt charts, you will quickly and painlessly learn while using TeamGantt. We like this app best for small teams who may not have a dedicated project manager on hand. TeamGantt doesn’t have budgeting or invoicing tools, which is another reason it’s better suited to small teams rather than large ones. Add a statistics-driven dimension to your project and task management. With insights into productivity, workload and much more, MeisterTask Reports provide a clear overview of project status and help you take action early.

Project Management System

We can’t exactly peer into the future, but we can make some educated guesses about the future of project management software based on its evolution over the past couple of decades. To make up for the lack of team collaboration features, Airtable lets users share files and data with ease. Basecamp’s Hill Charts help you track project progress in real time. You can use them to track large projects and eliminate the need for daily meetings. The Zoho reporting tool allows you to view the status of your project, how resources are allocated, and hours spent by team members. Unfortunately, the free plan only has basic reports, and the advanced reports are limited to the paid plan.

Best Software for Project Management of 2022

For virtual team cohesion, Confluence’s apps, features and templates allow you to unite your company around a shared company culture. For example, you can plan a weekly all-hands meeting that brings everyone together face-to-face, even in a virtual environment. Zoom and Slack integrations help you promote inclusion, internal relationships and a shared company culture.

Is a task and project management software designed to help marketing agencies develop their processes and systems to scale. Is a cloud-based solution that helps small architectural firms and engineers with project planning, time tracking, invoicing, and forecasting. The software platforms we’ll cover below help managers in real estate execute planning, schedule management, resource allocation, collaboration, and stakeholder relations management. Is a cloud-based project management app that’s geared toward creative, client-based businesses. Tools work for project portfolio management and have options for agile project management. Is a versatile project management software for teams and businesses of all sizes.

Zapier Automation Platform

Is a real estate and property management software designed to help property managers manage their own productivity. Software offers an integrated project management module, to ensure every deadline is met through outstanding cross-team collaboration. Is a combination marketing dashboard and project management tool, bringing everything your digital marketing team needs into one place.

Project Management System

No online project management software can rival our reporting features. Real-time dashboards instantly show the status of all your current projects. Create one-click reports to track data on your projects, tasks and teams to print or share in your next meeting. Workfront is a highly customizable tool that helps users to manage their projects, which is why it’s one of our picks for best project management software. Features include setting up priorities for tasks, assigning them to specific team members, managing an entire project, and reviewing its progress.

Zoho Projects

You must be able to take up tasks in an ad-hoc manner and still work efficiently, so using software to keep track of such tasks will help. Fortunately for any person or organization looking to consolidate and track their goals, there are plenty of solutions out there to facilitate this. Two of the more popular tools for teams and organizations are Weekdone and Goals on Track. Tracking time for work and projects has applications beyond calculating billable hours for contractors, accountants, and legal teams. And while requiring your team to track time might at first seem like extra work—after all, the act of tracking time takes a bit of time itself—it’s very much worth the investment. Because many of the solutions we discussed above position themselves as “all-in-one project management,” it can be challenging to distinguish the impersonators from the real deal .

FranklinCovey Substantially Updates Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager Course, Blending the Best Practices of Agile and Waterfall Project Management – Yahoo Finance

FranklinCovey Substantially Updates Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager Course, Blending the Best Practices of Agile and Waterfall Project Management.

Posted: Wed, 09 Nov 2022 11:36:00 GMT [source]

Is a powerful project management platform with support for building PMOs. Is a project management and employee tracking tool available online. Is a Gantt chart-based project planning software for collaborating with internal and external teams. Is a project management app for Gmail, built right into your inbox. Is a simplified project management system that tracks historical performance on both an organizational and an individual level. is a flexible Work Operating System that allows project managers to use customizable functionalities to build their perfect workflow, no coding required.


The building blocks of Hive are action cards, which exist inside of larger projects. Inside these action cards, teams can upload files, provide feedback with proofing and approvals, tag each other, and leave provide comments with @mentions. When deciding which app to use, it’s important to consider what kind of work your team does, how many people are in the organization, and how you want to run your business. For a large company, it’s important to be able to manage not just individuals, but also teams. There’s no need to spend more than about $15 per person per month if you aren’t going to use the tools that are unique to more expensive software, so stick with something low-cost.

Project Management System

Indy is a user-friendly platform for managing your freelance projects. Create proposals, contracts, and invoices in minutes with automatic tools. Chanty is a great team collaboration and project management software that is easy-to-use and straightforward. Within Chanty, you can chat with teammates, organize team activity in Teambook, share screens and files, and bring all of your most-loved apps into Chanty itself. Timely is an automated time-tracking tool that also lets you track projects, monitor budgets, and view team performance all in one software. With Timely, you can examine past costs, tasks and turnarounds to set competitive rates and improve future project profitability and efficiency.

Nifty is a free project management tool that aims to keep you focused on managing your work, not tool. Collaborate with your team and clients in one app with a variety of features like chat, tasks, docs, and calendar. Create a plan of action for your projects and automate your progress tracking.


It offers a very active and engaging community of users, which makes it excellent for team collaboration. Whether you’re using the Gantt chart, kanban board or task list, it’s easy to collaborate online with your team. Set up email alerts and in-app notifications, so when a task updates, you get notified immediately. With our online project management and collaboration tools, it’s easy to get work done—no matter where you’re located. Quire is a great project management software that helps teams visualize and collaborate on their projects from all angles.

Is a popular project management software for teams of all sizes in any industry. From precise project and product planning to simple task management, the platform naturally modifies itself to be exactly what you need to get work done painlessly and efficiently. The top project management techniques are the traditional waterfall, also known as predictive or linear project management; agile or adaptive; and hybrid, which combines the two. Common tools and techniques you can use within each method include work breakdown structure , Gantt charts, critical path method , Kanban and scrum. Finally, research “best project management software” and make a list of software that meets your above-described criteria .

Podio is a flexible and highly customizable online hub for work and team communication. Involve some team members in these trials so that they can try out various tasks and activities that they’re responsible for and provide feedback on what system they think is the right choice. You need to know how much you can spend on a system so that you can find the best option within your budget. Project Resource Planning Plan and allocate resources for timely delivery. Creative & Design Create high-quality assets and get them approved in record time. Project Managers Plan Agile projects, track deadlines, and deliver results.

Zistemo is designed for companies in need of a flexible tool for managing employee attendance time and project time tracking. Go beyond task lists and manage projects with Kanban and calendar views. Is a platform for businesses who need a simple application to manage tasks.

It offers conversations in the app, and you get an overview of all your tasks. If you’re a fan of simple design, Kanban boards and a sleek UX, take a look at ActiveCollab. An easy-to-use tool that allows you to streamline projects, communicate with your team, and collaborate with clients. It features a simple, user-friendly interface that helps teams feel comfortable right away. Managers feel empowered to change workloads and resources very easily. Image from asana.comAsana is a very well-known project management software tool that’s used by a lot of teams.

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